My name is Marcin and I design beautiful websites.

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Web Designer, User Interface Designer and User Experience Designer

My name is Marcin and I'm a 38 years old Web Designer, UI Designer and UX Designer from Poland. I have over 15 years of experience in Responsive Web Design, HTML, CSS and jQuery.
For many years I worked for agencies and IT companies in Poland and then 8 years in Dublin, Ireland. Two years ago I decided to come back home with my wife and 7 years old daughter and start my own company. I work successfully as a freelancer for clients from Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and lately from Lithuania.
I worked 4 years in Net Affinity Ltd. in Dublin, Ireland. It’s a company specialising in hotel online marketing, increasing hotel revenue and direct booking. They have their own booking engine. During those 4 years I’ve designed over 50 hotel websites, have won Best Hotel Website in Ireland reward, been nominated to similar rewards twice, but most important, I’ve learned a lot about hospitality industry.
I would describe my style as light, delicate and elegant. I think the most important thing in great website design is functionality, readability and user experience. Everything has to be easy to find and as much intuitive for the viewer as possible. That’s why I use clean fonts, bright high quality images and icons. I also think the loading speed is as much important as the look, so I always pay attention to image compression but without quality and use web fonts for icons in stead of images.
Marcin Banaszek
Skype: cr3ate
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